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New 2020 Products / Upgrades

In 2020, MK has upgraded its carbon boom offering with completely new frontend and tailpiece. It now features oversized clamp for better connection with the mast and comes complete with a built in RDM adapter that clicks in positively.

The tailpiece on the CPW and CPX has also been upgraded with square profile and a new loop and go systems that prevents the outhaul rope from jamming on the sail eyelets(CPW 3).

The slalom CPSL 190-250 has a wider bend curve and a wider tail complete with a 3 pulley system to enable the use of an adjustable outhaul system easily.

Mortefon wins 2019 PWA

Mortefon wins 2019 PWA 2019 Slalom

MK moves forward in 2020

MK moves forward in 2020 with new products. Paul still remains available for re-gripping booms ( Click more to see a history of MK.